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Edging and angle profile

Hexdalle® edging

Hexdalle® edging

Hexdalle edging can be used around play areas, sand pits, beachvolleyball courts, horse racecourts, instead of concrete edging P1 or P2.

Dimensions : length 1 meter - thickness 60 mm - height 200 mm



PDF Product datasheet Hexdalle® P1/P2 reversible edging

Hexdalle® angle profile

Hexdalle® angle profile

Rubber corner slab, length 1m17, which provides protection for right angles.

Dimensions : width 70 mm - thickness 10 mm

Hexdalle angle profile

PDF Fiche produit colle mastic HIGH TACK

Especially conceived for parking lots, underground garages, the Helixa TP Wall Protector Boards will protect your vehicles' bodies and bumpers.

These tiles are made of recycled black rubber aggregate which has been sorted and graded, bound by volume-dyed polyurethane elastomer resin.

Dimensions: 500 x 500 mm

Kit made of 2 red rubber tiles and 1 black rubber tile + 2 cartridges of PU39 polyurethane glue mastic.

Conception et réalisation : Sypro Technologies