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From rubber granules (SBR), that France CONSTRUCTION uses for the manufacturing of its damping plates for playgrounds (70.000 square meters / year), the factory has positioned itself on the market of sport fields, among which GOLF GREENS and Practices :

- The first option consists in laying these damping plates, either as upper layer of practices (plates Hexdalle XEand Dalamat, strengthened or not depending on usage), or as sub-layer of synthetic turfs, for which we recommend our next plate Dalamat GS. It provides great comfort to golfers thanks to a better protection of the shoulder, should the player hit the ground hard. The bouncing effect prevents direct contact with the ground as used to happen before.


PDF Data sheet Hexdalle® XE

PDF Data sheet Hexdalle® Dalamat

PDF Data sheet Hexdalle® Dalamat GS

- The second option, a new application of SBR granules, has recently been discovered. A Golf based Belgium has indeed laid some SBR on one of its Practices beneath a synthetic turf.

The staff of FRANCE CONSTRUCTION, Sols Sportifset Techniques, strictly controls its products from start to end of the manufacturing process.

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